The Scandimaniac Chef - Mobile Personal Chef Service.
The Scandimaniac Chef - Mobile Personal Chef Service.
Unlike catering, all the meals are prepared in your home or private event venue kitchen, according to required food safety guidelines. I bring all the ingredients, utensils and equipment required to prepare your selections. At the end of the day, your kitchen will be left spick and span.


Q: What is a personal chef?

A: A personal chef is mobile and serves several clients - usually one per day - by providing meals that are custom-designed for the client's particular tastes, dietary and food allergy requirements.

Q: Where are the meals prepared?

A: Unlike catering, all the meals are prepared in your home or private event venue kitchen, according to required food safety guidelines. I bring all the ingredients, utensils and equipment required to prepare your selections. At the end of the day, your kitchen will be left spick and span.

Q: Why can't you just cook everything at your home and deliver it to me?

A: Health department and Food Safety laws prohibit it. Cooking everything at your home or at your private event venue as opposed to preparing it offsite provides you with the freshest, safest food possible.

Q: How long will you be in my home?

A: Because all meals are prepared 'in home' from scratch with great care and attention to detail, I will be in your kitchen anywhere between three to eight hours depending on the number of courses and participants. You don't have to leave your home or stay with me while the meals are prepared if you don't want to. I am willing to accommodate what works best with your schedule or situation.

Q: Are you using my stove and oven?

A: Yes - I prepare all the meals in your cosy kitchen, using your fridge, stove, bench top and oven.

Q: Do you bring your own knives, pots and pans?

A: Yes - I prefer to use my own professional equipment.

Q: What will you serve the food in?

A: I will set up your dinner table using your glassware, cutlery and china, garnishing all menu-items with a professional eye for detail! As I present the menu at the same time as I serve the food, written menus are not needed. If you are using a hired private event venue or do not want to use your own cutlery, china or glassware, I can organise it all from a party hire company.

Q: Do you bring a food or wine waiter with you?

A: I can serve up to 10 sit-down guests by myself and do buffets for up to 50 people. If you need a waiter (for example to pour wine) that can easily be arranged.

Q: What do you do with leftovers?

A: I carry some disposable containers with me, but if you'd like something more permanent for leftover food, have some plastic containers on hand. The leftovers are professionally packed and the cold-stored food becomes the property of the client.

Q: What type of dishes do you prepare?

A: All dishes will include some of the following ingredients; seasonal fresh vegetables, grains, nuts, beans, seasonal salads, quick bread, brochette, red and white meat, fish, seafood, poultry and even game if available or requested. You may request a specific item or allow me to pair the entre with the main course. All food is tailor-made.

Q: The cost seems to be about the same as what I would pay in a restaurant. Why is that?

A: The fee represents all components that make up the mobile personal chef service. This includes a detailed assessment of your needs and dietary requirements, special recipe research, menu planning, shopping for ingredients, meal preparation, serving and finally cleaning up your kitchen. The fees allow you to make premium menu selections such as seafood if you desire.

Q: When and where do you shop for ingredients?

A: I buy only hormone and antibiotic-free Australian meat, chicken and turkey from local suppliers. All pre-ordered raw meat and poultry will be cut into portions and vacuum-packed at the supplier. Seafood and fish are always fresh or professionally thawed. I never buy or use unwashed root-vegetables or lettuce with their roots intact in soil. As quality ingredients make for quality meals, I shop for the freshest ingredients on my way to your home. All ingredients for your private event will be packed into commercial thermo-boxes with ice cooler blocks to make sure all HACCP standards are met.

Q: Can I hire you to cook for two people?

A: I wish I could make that available, however it takes the same amount of time to produce half the food. As I am a professional personal chef, this is my business and in order for it to be profitable the group I cook for usually needs to consist of at least eight people. But there is a solution! If you have neighbours or friends with similar preferences to you, you could all enjoy my services and split the cost!

Q: How do I pay for the service and am I locked in for a set date?

A: A payment for the personal chef service in addition to the grocery deposit will be required five days ahead of the cooking date by internet banking. Payment is required in advance because I am reserving an entire day for you. 

Q: Do you cater for special diets, food allergies and organic preferences?

A: Yes. Depending on special diets, allergies, the research involved and shopping requirements, an additional fee may be required. Organic is also extra due to the additional shopping time and costs involved. I keep my menus as free from gluten, lactose and salt as possible but my food includes a lot of my own dry seasoning mixes, syrups, nuts, seeds and strong seasoning sauces. Please take this into consideration when booking a date to ensure that I have enough time to prepare alternative options for your special needs.

Q: Can you cook at my favourite restaurant, club, hall or event venue?

A: Absolutely! I would be pleased to do a themed dinner or other special occasion at your chosen venue if the premises allows it and has the right facilities.

Q: Do you cook for kids too?

A: As a father of four I'm used to cooking for children, but sometimes I need to compromise with seasoning to cater to their tastes.

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